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Think Baby Names (Victor)
Greek Physician (Galen)

Galen Stauffer
What's in a name?


Victor is named for Dawn's uncle, Victor Gordon Giberson, the only son of her beloved grandmother (Gaga). Dawn's Uncle Victor is an important, almost mythical figure in her life, though he died before she was able to know him as well as she would have hoped. He was the colorful character in the family and the exotic one with adventures and many tall tales to tell. He and Dawn shared a love of books, a tendency to exaggerate, a hatred of the sound of people chewing (seriously) and the inability to ever do anything the obvious way. His name symbolizes perseverence and conquering of obstacles and is particularly meaningful given the challenges his namesake's parents face in bringing Victor Galen safely into the world. Victoriously - so to speak.


Galen is also a family name borrowed from James's great uncle, Galen Stauffer, brother of Grandma Humphrey (G). The name Galen has Gaelic origins and means "calm" or "small but lively" or, in some places, "healer". These are all qualities associated with Uncle Galen and qualities James and Dawn like to believe they already know in Victor Galen. Plus, it's another great Irish name linking him to his brothers Ronan Woods and James Thomas.

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